White Headed Eagle, Young

Artist : 
  • Audubon
  • JOHN JAMES AUDUBON. Birds of America Amsterdam Edition. Johnson Reprint Company, New York. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Netherlands G. Schut & Zonen watermark. 1971-73 Edition of 250. 39.5” x 26.25” Unframed. Today, engravings from the first edition of the Birds of America are very rare and very costly indeed. In recognition of their unique importance and their exquisite beauty, a deluxe facsimile edition was published in Amsterdam and New York, 1971-1973, in the original double elephant format. Called the ‘Amsterdam Edition’, it was printed using the highest quality materials and with the greatest precision in a cooperative effort by the Amsterdam firm of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd and the Johnson Reprint Corporation of New York. The entire project of producing this superb facsimile was supervised by an international panel of noted ornithologists and Audubon experts including members of the Smithsonian, The Audubon Society, and the Department of the Interior. Such high standards of craftsmanship were maintained that every detail of Audubon’s original 435 plates was reproduced in full color on hand-made 100% cotton rag mat from the paper mill of G. Shut and Zonen which was founded in 1625. Using up to eight different colors, no detail was spared. The large size of these plates, which measure 3ft 3 ½” high by 2ft 2 1/4 “wide, maintains Audubon’s depiction of the birds in their natural life size. These richly illustrated birds are the height of offset lithography. This magnificent publishing achievement is comparable in significance and beauty only to the original Havell edition. In 1971 the selling price for what was to become known as the Amsterdam Edition was $4500. A recent sale realized over ten times that amount.