Schistes Personata

Artist : 
  • Gould
  • JOHN GOULD A Monograph of the Trochilidae, or Family of Humming-birds. Drawn and lithographed by John Gould, Elizabeth Gould, H.C. Ritcher, and W. Hart. Richard Bowler Sharp supplement 1880-87. Published by John Gould. Printed by Hullmandel and Watson. London, 1849-61. Lithographs with original hand-color. Excepting the supplement, most with gold leaf illumination. 14,75” x 21.5” 418 plates. John Gould was the most prolific ornithologist and recorder of birds in England during the 19th century. Born a gardener's son, he was raised on the royal estate at Windsor. He became a gardener at Ripley Castle, where he learned the art of taxidermy, a skill so useful in his future career. In 1827, N.A. Vigors required a taxidermist for the newly formed Zoological Society of London; the job came to Gould who moved to London and married Elizabeth Coxen. She was to become a skilled collaborator, both as draughtsman and as supervisor in the lithographic shop. It was Elizabeth who was responsible for transferring the drawings made by Gould, from the specimens sent to him from all over the world, onto lithographic stone. Unable to find a publisher, Gould resolved to publish his works himself. Illustrating over 3000 species of birds and animals and producing over forty folio volumes, Gould's works became great financial successes. He realized a considerable fortune. The most well known prints are from his outstanding monograph on hummingbirds. They are unequaled in the history of ornithology. The brilliant coloring is highlighted with gold and a transparent luster creating metallic hues, a technique which has never been successfully reproduced. The birds appear in charming groups of twos and threes surrounded by realistic foliage. Each bird is drawn to scale and is anatomically correct to the smallest detail. References: John Gould’s Hummingbirds. Wellfleet Press. New Jersey, 1990. Nature into Art. Handasyde Buchanan. Mayflower Books. New York ,1979. John Gould’s Birds. Introduction by Maureen Lambourne. New York: A&W Publishers, 1981 John Gould the Bird Man, Gordon C. Sauer, University Press of Kansas, 1982.
Dimensions of these piece: 
  • 26"W x 32.5"H
  • $2850